Everyone's doing it.

It seems that everyone and their dogs have blogs today, so I thought "why not me?". So, here I am, starting a blog without a clue as of what to write. Perhaps I'll review bands, albums, movies and such here, maybe I'll just rant on occasion, but I hope to make this a place where thoughts can come and go, where people come to get something off their chest, or just a place where you can come to share something you like. 

Send some suggestions my way of what you'd like to discuss. I'll give you my take on anything you'd like. Throw me lines about what pisses you off, what your passions are, what you wish would change, thoughts about a band you just saw, a quote you read, a movie you saw, whatever, otherwise I'm just going to write what's on my mind, and frankly, that might bore you.

Just do it damnit!


  1. Your first offical comment, such an honor.

    Peezes Gille, when are you going to get that brilliant post about fb chatting published?!

  2. Now, but it's nowhere near brilliant, more along the lines of slightly better than dull.