Bliggidy Blah

So, I'm not exactly in the right mindset to type at the moment, so I'll make this short.

Today My dad found his old records. :) Fun. Cat Stevens for the win.

Background: I'm taking an audio restoration class where we learn ways to declick, decrackle, denoise and a bunch of other "de" words audio stuff, like records. So naturally I needed to find some to transcribe.

I find it to be so much easier to live sans-uncle. My uncle has been living with us for a year or so, and lives in the room next to mine. This creates a sense of unease for me. Having him gone for a bit makes me feel more relaxed.

Told ya it'd be a short post.


Insert incoherant ramblings here.

Spring Cleaning

It seems that the more organized and structured something is, the easier it becomes. The problem is that within organization and structure comes the possibility for boredom. Chaos seems to have an appeal that organization and stucture can't rival, however should we base how we live on what is most appealing only?

I've been thinking about how I should incorporate some system of stucture into my life. Maybe keep a calendar, do laudry on a specific day instead of when it has overgrown my room. Perhaps set aside a day of the week to do general cleaning and housework. 

Maybe I'll go deeper. Maybe I'll have to start sheduling my days. I know, I've been such a slacker as of late. So, where to start? What ingredients do I want to fill my days with?

I'm thinking exercise should be in there, reading, meditation as well. Wow! It has been quite a while since I've held myself accountable for much of anything. Better get crackin'. Tonight, maybe laundry and a little cleaning. Tomorrow, well we're just going to have to figure that out. I think this might be a good change from the norm.

First Topic: What Motivates People To Chat On Facebook?

Facebook. We all have one. Those who haven't joined yet are considered by their online friends to be living in some sort of time distortion. There's no question about its wide spread usage, but let's get a little more specific. Let's talk about the chat feature.

Recently I was chatting with a new friend of mine, Jen ( While chatting, she suggested I write about what the motivation is for people to chat on Facebook. Now that's a tough topic. My first thoughts were about those friends that consistently initiate chats and don't have anything they really wanted to say to you. They're bored and you are their boredom scapegoat. Of course, the conversations are drawn out forever with replies that grow shorter and shorter until you end up with nothing but an "uhuh" or "oh" as a response. When you've finished the business you came online to do you find yourself thinking of a way to get out of the conversation and logging the heck out. At this point, you've convinced yourself that you'd rather be weeding the garden than politely carrying on conversation. This is not always the case, or so we hope.

Sometimes we might be online and have some personal news we need to share with a close friend, we log in and like an answer to a prayer, there, in that little, diabolically evil list of who has chat enabled and is online, we find that one close friend and we get the news off of our chest. What a relief. YEAH RIGHT! Maybe once in a blue moon.

The main purposes of chatting, as far as I can tell, is to feel like you're still connected and up to date with the person you are chatting with. We make friends, but do we have time to talk to every, or even most of our friends in person? Chances are the answer is no. So what do we do to stay up to date with these friends? What do we do so that we don't feel like strangers when we meet again in person? We text, chat, IM, call, email, etc. I'm of the opinion that Facebook has outgrown the buddies you see all the time and has grown a place to house the friends you once had and just might want to see again one day. And so we chat.

Of course this very well may be quite an over generalization. We are motivated to chat online for endless reasons. Another quick reason would be to inform someone of something simply because it's not considered email worthy, or perhaps it's something time sensitive.

To be completely honest, I'm not the greatest person to be blogging on this. I'm rarely the one to initiate chats on Facebook. I'm more of an IM and email guy. What do you guys think? I want to hear your thoughts. Tell me what you think.

Everyone's doing it.

It seems that everyone and their dogs have blogs today, so I thought "why not me?". So, here I am, starting a blog without a clue as of what to write. Perhaps I'll review bands, albums, movies and such here, maybe I'll just rant on occasion, but I hope to make this a place where thoughts can come and go, where people come to get something off their chest, or just a place where you can come to share something you like. 

Send some suggestions my way of what you'd like to discuss. I'll give you my take on anything you'd like. Throw me lines about what pisses you off, what your passions are, what you wish would change, thoughts about a band you just saw, a quote you read, a movie you saw, whatever, otherwise I'm just going to write what's on my mind, and frankly, that might bore you.

Just do it damnit!