Revisiting Old Writings

True as it was 2 years ago...

After a long debate with myself about what a person "should" be, I've decided that I'd benefit most from just being me. To most, this won't seem like a change, and I guess its not really meant to be, cause after all, when am I not who I am? When am I not me? I always seem to be me, but who am I? Am I me around you, or am I me around me? Is the real me crazy, or does he just pretend to be? I propose that maybe, just maybe, I'm me even when I'm worried about who me is and am changing the me that you may perceive to fit better into the category that I think you might be better suited to relate to, or like, because, well that's me. So, I guess there is no change, except for the realization in me, of me, for me, letting me know that if at any point I get tired of being the me that is better accustomed to dealing with you, or the me that is still lacking in your view, I can just say fuck you, I am who I am bitches.